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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Jun 7, 2022

This talk was recorded LIVE at the All-In Summit in Miami and included slides. To watch on YouTube, check out our All-In Summit playlist:

0:00 Antonio Gracias joins to talk: Tesla's early days, investing in Elon, macroeconomic outlook, ROIC, importance of energy independence, future of manufacturing, financial-ization of the P&L & more

22:35 Q: How has the poker game influenced your decision making in business and life?

29:33 Q: What was the scariest step of becoming a first-time fund manager?

32:34 Q: Crypto market unwinding & how it relates to the money supply

35:57 Q: Current pre-seed / seed valuations & metrics

38:58 Q: When investing in early-stage SaaS companies, how to find outliers?

42:11 Q: What would you do if dropped in the middle of Kansas at age 25 with no resources?

44:46 Q: Where will the next disruptions in industrial automation come from & how will the US hit economies of scale in semiconductor manufacturing

47:02 Q: Any plans for All-In Media?

50:02 Q: US strategy in the Russia/Ukraine War

54:19 Q: How have your first impressions changed as you've matured in your career, and whose first impressions have stood out to you the most?

58:29 Q: Are you interested in crypto micropayments?

1:00:55 Q: Biggest mistakes of your career that you've learned the most from?

1:09:54 Q: What impact could tech have on political discourse? What does a viable path forward look like?

1:15:36 Q: Are remote / distributed startup systems viable coming out of the pandemic?

1:19:41 Q: Advice for non-technical people trying to get into the startup world?

1:24:44 Q: Thoughts on the potential consumer credit crisis?

1:26:17 Lightning round: What problem do you most want to solve right now? All-In consortium? Can SMBs democratize their own labor supply? How to get more investors interested in hardware? Will this be a relatively short recession?

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