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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

May 5, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros!

(0:49) Jason and Sacks intro Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

(3:46) Foreign policy: Ukraine / Russia

(17:17) Foreign policy: Taiwan / China

(18:57) Government spending: Fiscal responsibility, where to cut budget, debt ceiling

(33:22) US Govt Intelligence Agencies: "Deep State," increasing accountability, "agency capture"

(46:04) COVID: mishandling, more "agency capture," vaccine policy

(55:10) Broader thoughts on vaccines in general

(1:05:54) Energy policy: thoughts on nuclear

(1:15:29) Culture wars: trans issues, CRT in schools, public vs charter schools

(1:23:09) Media: declining trust, misaligned incentives, conflict of interest with large advertisers

(1:30:07) Mainstream media coverage, ABC News debacle, evolving with new information, money in politics

(1:40:37) The Besties do a post-interview debrief

(1:57:30) Announcing All-In Summit 2023!

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