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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

May 21, 2020

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0:01 Jason & Chamath intro David Sacks & David Friedberg

1:15 Everybody gives their quarantine update: Sacks is in Mexico while running Craft remote, Chamath got a new poker table & is excited for shelter-in-place to end, Friedberg is getting back into a rhythm

8:04 Chamath & Sacks reflect on the coming return to normalcy & politicization of the virus

12:41 Sacks on 3 major data-driven discoveries about the virus

15:54 Friedberg on fatality rate data, overestimating the lockdown's impact on stopping the virus

19:32 Getting back to work

21:05 Chamath on the stock market not reflecting the economy, Sacks on what an economic recovery might look like

28:00 Friedberg on potential of another NYC-level outbreak, Chamath on negative impact of left/right culture war

34:05 Sacks on democratic hesitation to end lockdowns giving Trump a strategic advantage, Friedberg on Hydroxychloroquine's benefits/risks

37:57 Sacks on potential resorting of the Bay Area & Silicon Valley due to remote work

41:51 Chamath on benefits of working remote, why San Francisco might lose large numbers of people

45:18 Tesla/Fremont situation a microcosm for politicization of the pandemic, benefits of people starting to distrust inept bureaucrats

49:33 Chamath on the beginning of the modern Cold War, dealing with market conditions considering China's standing in the world, ideological issues

53:46 Sacks on US/China relationship, how US can penalize China

59:25 Friedberg on how US can leapfrog China in manufacturing by using modern, automated solutions