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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

May 19, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros!: Reddit Performance Reviews

(5:14) Quick AIS 2023 update

(6:27) AI Senate hearing: Sam Altman playing chess with regulators, open-source viability

(21:25) Regulatory capture angle, "preemptive regulation," how AI relates to nuclear, insider insights from the White House's AI summit

(43:33) Elon hires new Twitter CEO

(48:46) Lina Khan moves to block Amgen's $27.8B acquisition of Horizon Therapeutics

(1:02:30) Apple's AR goggles are reportedly being unveiled at WWDC in early June, platform shift potential, how it deviates from Apple's prior launch strategies

(1:07:45) Residential and commercial real estate headwinds

(1:15:29) Unrest in SF and NYC after two recent tragic incidents ended in death

(1:24:20) Soros political motivations for backing progressive DAs

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