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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Mar 26, 2022

0:00 Bestie Guestie Brad Gerstner is filling in for Friedberg

1:34 Understanding public SaaS and Internet multiples, Instacart's cuts its valuation by 40%, understanding reality of overvalued late-stage companies

21:52 Capital allocators at fault, how crossover funds are reacting, late-stage price discovery, investor and founder behavioral psychology

40:37 Sacks' burn multiple, managing growth spend, new VC qualifications, lessons from the COVID bubble

53:58 Russia/Ukraine: US potential non-ceasefire strategy, Zelenskyy's revelations in CNN interview, rhetoric getting more aggressive

1:08:58 How will Putin withdraw without redacting the sanctions? What is the offramp? Zelenskyy's posture on global war

1:24:18 Understanding China's recently announced tax cuts, All-In Summit talk

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