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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Dec 29, 2023

(0:00) Welcome to the fourth annual Bestie Awards!

(4:14) Biggest Political Winner

(10:26) Biggest Political Loser

(15:14) Biggest Political Surprise

(23:02) Biggest Business Winner

(26:50) Biggest Business Loser

(30:32) Biggest Business Surprise

(35:57) Best Science Breakthrough

(40:30) Biggest Flash in the Pan


Dec 23, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros: Jason comes in hot, All-In's new Chairman Dictator, Holiday party recap, and more

(7:54) Understanding the trade disruption in the Red Sea: Houthis, global impact on trade, the dicey geopolitical situation, and how this compares to COVID freight prices with Flexport's Ryan Petersen

(35:55) Major...

Dec 16, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros: Mullets!

(2:56) Recapping Friedberg's holiday party

(9:29) Jury rules in favor of Epic Games over Google: How to handle the app store duopoly?

(23:21) OpenAI inks deal with Axel Springer

(35:02) FCC cancels Starlink subsidy, dissenting FCC Commissioner says federal agencies are targeting Elon Musk...

Dec 8, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intro!

(3:12) Ivy League antisemitism hearings

(21:55) State of the economy for consumers

(34:55) Signs of life in SaaS, VC shutdowns, and more

(44:59) Why Friedberg chose to take the role of CEO at Ohalo, and the dearth of great leadership talent in tech

(1:01:07) Google announces Gemini: Why this is a...

Dec 1, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros! Tucker Carlson joins the show

(0:59) Tucker's departure from Fox News

(10:49) The state of American society and the importance of rediscovering national alignment

(30:53) Why prosperity begets self-destruction, climate change, immigration

(59:48) Thoughts on the current political landscape...