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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Aug 25, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros: Friedberg's interview with NASA Astronaut Woody Hoburg, live from the ISS!

(2:58) All-In Tequila update

(10:04) Nvidia smashes earnings, GPU market outlook

(37:39) Arm files for IPO: positive sign or plank walk? Plus: State of the IPO market

(49:51) Sacks on current investable metrics right now in...

Aug 18, 2023

(0:00) Sacks' big night

(2:56) Sacks on spirits

(14:27) "Rich Men North of Richmond" goes viral and debuts at #1 on Apple Music, upward mobility issues in America, solutions

(53:01) Michael Burry's bet against the market: overblown?

(58:33) Real estate capital crunch

(1:12:26) Trump's newest indictment

(1:23:31) What...

Aug 11, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros: Friedberg's bad haircut

(1:17) Welcome BG^2! Biography recommendations and film talk

(22:27) VC market update: State of Series A's

(33:43) Dry powder misconceptions, marking incentives

(48:57) IPO window starting to open, IPO down rounds, incentives to go public

(1:03:17) Cyclical venture cycles,...

Aug 4, 2023

(0:00) Bestie intros!

(0:53) LK-99 breakdown

(24:39) Funding landscape for breakthrough science, sclerotic establishments, boomer incumbents

(46:04) Fitch downgrades US debt rating

(1:09:12) Trump's newest indictment

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