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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Feb 23, 2024

(0:00) Bestie intros: Banana boat!

(2:34) Nvidia smashes expectations again: understanding its terminal value and bull/bear cases in the context of the history of the internet

(27:26) Groq's big week, training vs. inference, LPUs vs. GPUs, how to succeed in deep tech

(49:37) Google's AI disaster: Is Google too woke to...

Feb 16, 2024

(0:00) Sacks Tequila Tasting!

(1:19) Nvidia's market cap surpasses Google, ARM's stock rips, Masa's big comeback

(15:36) Mind-blowing Sora demos: breaking down OpenAI's new text-to-video model

(51:24) The risks of companies issuing stock option loans

(1:04:57) Biden's cognitive decline, should the Democrats find...

Feb 9, 2024

(0:00) Bestie intros!

(2:08) Apple Vision Pro breakdown

(20:46) Meta vs Snap: god-king CEO, dependent on ad revenue, drastically different performance

(32:53) Positive signals indicating a big SaaS bounceback

(41:06) VCs are split into three camps on how to approach AI investing

(1:12:16) Rolling real estate crisis...

Feb 2, 2024

(0:00) Bestie intros! The guys try the Apple Vision Pro

(8:24) Zuckerberg apologizes to parents in hearing, Section 230 under fire from child safety reforms

(36:19) Delaware judge voids Elon's comp package, understanding Fortune 500 country club compensation

(1:08:26) Reddit reportedly targeting $5B valuation in...