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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Mar 6, 2021

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NY Magazine - Zero COVID Risk Is the Wrong Standard

Released COVID-19 Response Contracts

Chesa's "response" to Sacks

GoFundMe for SF DA reporter

The Verge - Entire school board resigns in shame after forgetting their WebEx call was public

Show Notes:

0:00 Markets tank, reasons for optimism in the short-term

15:29 Breaking down the stimulus

24:12 California's COVID emergency stimulus mishaps, political manipulation via "Zeroism"

38:27 Biological Patriot Act, freedom of choice post-vaccination

49:23 Newsom recall update, SF DA Chesa Boudin's high school friend responds to Sacks, SF bureaucratic issues

1:00:33 Grading Biden's first 60 days in office, Oakley School Board mishap, teacher's union issues, Jason's red pill bender